Tiger Tags are presented to students at Awards Assemblies throughout the year to recognize and reward their accomplishments. Each student is given a Tiger Tag and necklace at the start of the year Citizenship Assembly to get them started.



Perfect Attendance Tiger Tags are given to students who have no absences or tardies for the entire month. Students who collect all 9 Perfect Attendance Tiger Tags will earn a special prize at the end of the year.


Students participating in the Reading Counts Program read books of their choosing and then take online quizzes about what they read to earn points. At the start of the year each student is given an individual point goal based on his/her reading level. Every student who reaches their goal at the end of the trimester will get a Tiger Tag and an invitation to a special celebration. Students who reach their end of the year "Double Goal" will get a Tiger Tag and an invitation to a celebration field trip.


Reading Counts Goal

2nd Reading Counts Goal

3rd Reading Counts Goal

Double Reading Counts Goal

Special Tiger Tags

Every month we have Awards Assemblies recognizing students for their outstanding work and effort. These Tiger Tags are given out to students to recognize their accomplishments.

Student of the Month Award is given to a student in each class who has shown exceptional growth in their academic learning.

Peacebuilder Award is given to a student in each class who has done an exceptional job demonstrating that month's Tiger Trait in class and on the playground.

Super Scientist Award is given to students who have done exceptional work on science projects or in scientific inquiry in the classroom.

Caught Being Good

Throughout the year students earn Caught Being Good tickets for doing good things around campus. These can be for things like helping out a friend, beautifying the campus or making a good choice without having to be told. These tickets are entered into a weekly drawing in each classroom. Students whose names are drawn will get a Caught Being Good Tiger Tag as well as a chance to choose from the Treasure Chest.