Uniforms and Dress Code


Uniforms are optional at Rose School - Students/Families who choose not to wear uniforms must follow the Appearance/Dress Code

Uniform Shirts

Uniform shirts are WHITE, BURGUNDY, or RED with or without collars.

Rose School Spirit Shirts are considered to be uniform shirts. Spirit Shirts may be purchased in the school office.

Pants, shorts, skirts

Uniform bottoms are solid blue or black. Black jeans and leggings are considered to meet uniform requirements.


Throughout the school year there will be designated "Spirit" Days. On those days students are excused from wearing uniforms but clothing must adhere to district standards. Spirit Day themes are determined by the student council and students are encouraged to dress according to the designated theme.


Students must exercise appropriate discretion in their choice of clothing and personal grooming so as not to cause a disturbance or interruption for themselves or others.

Appearance Code:

  • Clothing must be size appropriate for the person wearing them so that undergarments are not visible. (No sagging bottoms.)

  • Tops must have shoulder straps

  • Clothing cover areas from one armpit across to the other armpit, down to approximately 3 to 4 inches in length to the upper thighs.

  • See-through or mesh garments must not be worn without appropriate coverage underneath that meet the minimum requirements of the dress code.

  • Due to daily recess activities, closed-toed shoes are required at elementary schools.

  • Clothing may not depict, imply advertise, or advocate gang related, illegal or lewd conduct, weapons or the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other controlled substances.

  • Clothing may not depict or imply pornography, nudity, or sexual acts.

  • Hair decorations may not be distracting to themselves or others