Extracurricular Activities

Broadcast Team

The Broadcast Team produces our school's weekly News Broadcast that is shown in all classrooms on Monday mornings and is featured on our school website. Team members write the scripts, film news segments, edit the video footage and publish their finished videos during lunchtime and after school work sessions.


Singers and musicians in grades 3 - 6 meet during after school sessions building musical skills, rhythm and song production.

Cool Library Crew

Students in grades 4-6 help to take care of our books and keep the library organized. Crew teams meet before or after school throughout the year.

Garden Club

Do you have a green thumb? The Rose School Garden is an evolving landscape planted with fruits, vegetables and flowers. Club members in grades 3-6 (1st and 2nd can also join with parent participation) work throughout the school year planting and harvesting with monthly after school work days.

Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports leagues rotating different sports seasons are held during the intermediate lunch recess. Students sign ups are held at the beginning of each sports season.

Student Ambassadors

Sixth grade students may apply for Student Ambassadors in the fall. Students are selected by a staff panel. Ambassadors are responsible role models who assist the school in a variety of service activities. They serve as greeters and tour guides for visitors and new students throughout the school year.

Student Council

Our Student Council enables students to participate in the decision-making process at our school. Student Council sponsors fundraising activities for various school projects. Student officers and room representatives in 3rd-6th grades are elected during the fall and serve for one school term.


Tech Enrichment

Learn computer programming skills while directing robots through complex mazes and tasks. Design models and objects and print them out on the 3D printers. As technology evolves so do the challenges the Tech Enrichment Team takes on each year. The Tech Team for grades 4 - 6 meets during lunch and after school on some days.

Valet Program

The School Valet Program is a service organization that assists Rose School students with drop-off and pick-up in front of the school. Students in grades 4 - 6 are eligible to apply for membership. All students and parents are expected to cooperate with the student Valets..

Yearbook team

The yearbook team of 4th - 6th grade students is responsible for every step of our annual memory book. From photographing events on campus throughout the year to setting up the page layout the team does it all. They have meetings during lunch and after school throughout the school year.