Extracurricular Activities

Tiger Times

The Tiger Times Newspaper Club for students in 4th - 6th grade writes, edits and produces a newspaper with articles about current events, information and creative outlets for Rose School Students - See the Tiger Times Archives

Broadcast Team

The Broadcast Team is made up of 4th - 6th grade students who create and record weekly newscasts for the school. The team meets regularly during liunchtime thoughout the year.

Student Council

Our Student Council enables students to participate in the decision-making process at our school. Student Council sponsors fundraising activities for various school projects. Student officers and room representatives in 3rd-6th grades are elected during the fall and serve for one school term.

Yearbook team

The yearbook team of 4th - 6th grade students is responsible for every step of our annual memory book. From photographing events on campus throughout the year to setting up the page layout the team does it all. They have meetings during lunch and after school throughout the school year.