Report cards are issued twice a year; in January and June. They are intended to give you a report of your child's achievement, working level, and progress. Students are also evaluated in citizenship, attitude, effort, and study habits. Students are graded on their progress toward mastery of the end of the year Grade Level Standards.


At the 1/2 way point of each semester, students who are performing below grade level will receive a more detailed progress report indicating level of progress and where improvement may be needed. Teachers may choose to send a progress report home for all of their students as a way to keep parents informed about their child's progress toward grade level Common Core Standards. Progress reports must be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to school.


For the first grading period there are parent-teacher conferences with all parents at the end of September

Student Led Conferences for the second grading period in March: During the Spring Conference each students will present and explain his/her own progress in learning and goals for reaching end of the year standards to their parents/guardians.

Conference times for both Fall and Spring are set up in advance with options for morning or evening times to accommodate parent schedules.

Homework Policy

Homework is given at Rose School at all grade levels. Your child's teacher will review his/her specific homework policy during Back to School Night in September. A quiet time should be set aside daily for homework to be done. Please understand that the most important homework your child can do is to read at home. In the early grades, we ask parents to read to or with their child on a daily basis.