Rose Elementary School

Uniform Policy

Students at Rose School wear uniforms - navy blue or black pants, shorts and skirts in any fabric except jeans or sweats, with white, red or maroon (burgundy) colored shirts, with or without collars. Jackets or coats worn may be any color. On the last Friday of the month and on picture days, there is a Free Dress Day. All students must adhere to the Milpitas Unified School District appearance code on these days.

Blouses, Shirts:

1. Color: White, red, burgundy (solid colors only)


2. Style: Polo long and short sleeves, oxford, broadcloth, turtleneck, mock turtlenecks, Rose Spirit Wear (red and white) T-shirts. Collars are not required.


3. Size: No more than one size larger than actual size (s,m,l), no baggy shirts


4. Logos: Rose School Logo ONLY


5. Other Requirements: Untucked shirts must have a finished hem.


Pants, Shorts

1. Color: navy blue or black


2. Style: No blue jeans or sweats


3. Size: No more than one size larger than actual size, no baggy pants. Outgrown pants may be cut off, hemmed, and used as shorts. Shorts must be mid-thigh length.


Jumpers, Skirts, Skorts

1. Color: Navy blue or black


2. Style Pleated or non-pleated. Shorts or tights/leggings may be worn under skirts.


Jackets, Sweaters and Sweatshirts

1. Color: Any jacket

2. Style: Sweaters may be pullover or cardigan worn over a uniform shirt. Sweatshirts may be zipped up, hooded, or pullover



1. Color: navy, black, brown


2. Style: If belt loops are present on the garment, a belt must be worn. May not hang down.



1. Style: Any closed shoe (no open toes, sandals, or high heels)



1. Color: White, navy, burgundy, red (solid colors only, no ornamentation)


2. Style: Anklets, knee socks, crew or tube socks, toe-to-waist tights.



1. Style: The bill worn only in the front. Hats are not to be worn inside the school.



Rose Spirit Wear

Rose spirit wear is acceptable any time.

Note: Name labels should be on articles of clothing that could get lost.

Graffiti, or tags, will not be allowed on any items brought to school. No restrictions on color or style of backpacks.


General Information

Students who attend Alexander Rose School are required to wear a uniform. If a parent does not want their child to wear a uniform, parents can request a waiver form from the school office.


Uniform Regulations


1. Every student must wear an approved uniform the first day of school. Students enrolling after the first day of school are required to wear a uniform within 10 day s of their enrollment date.


2. No clothing items other than those on the approved Uniform Standards list may be worn at Rose School.


3. Pants, skorts, shorts, and skirts must be worn at the waist, may not be more than one size larger than the waist, and may not sag or bag.


Free Dress Day

Free dress day will be on the last Friday of the month that is a school day, on picture days, and on the last day of school.

Additional Free Dress days may be held for special occasions and/or incentive rewards during the school year.


Special Events

1. Uniforms are required on all field trips, unless otherwise specified by the classroom teacher.


Uniform Purchase Assistance

Parents needing assistance with the purchase of a uniform must complete a Uniform Financial Support application available at the school office. This information will be kept confidential.


Non-Uniform compliance

If a student does not wear a uniform:


a warning may be sent home


• Parents may be called on to bring appropriate items


• Student may be assigned detention


Instructional time will not be used to correct uniform violations


Used Uniforms

Rose School will maintain a uniform Clothes Closet based on available donations. Students who leave Rose or outgrow their uniform are invited to donate their uniforms to the school Clothes Closet. Please turn in uniforms the last day of school. We will wash them.