Rose Elementary School

Student Government

Student Council
Our Student Council enables students to participate in the decision-making process at our school. Student Council sponsors fundraising activities for various school projects. Student officers and room representatives in 3rd-6th grades are elected during the fall and serve for one school term.

Valentine Grams

Student Council is busy raising money for a new track. The total cost of the track is around $26,000.  So far, the Student Council has raised approximately $9000.  To raise the additional money, the Student Council is selling Valentine Grams.  Valentine Grams are a valentine with a special surprise inside the card. At $.50 a card, you can tell your fellow students that you care and at the same time be helping to pay for the track at our school.  Besides, a Valentine Gram is guaranteed to make your friend smile when they open the card and find out it is from you.  You are sure to be a hit!  Buy your Valentine Grams at recess or at lunch.